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Liquid handling robots

Liquid handling robots can be used for various reasons. The can offer a precision a human scientist can’t achieve, but there are other benefits as well. Liquid handling devices are first of all in many ways automated. This relieves a lot of labour for a researcher working on genomics or bio molecular related studies. Another advantage of this is that these robots can save a lot of time. Liquid handlers may not be much faster than scientists operating pipettes and syringes manually, but they won’t complain and are built for the job. A researchers on the other hand has more important things to do than manually operate a pipet.

So if one uses automated liquid handling much time can be devoted elsewhere during a scientific project. The performance of these robots can range between simple tasks to complex labour made possible by adding modules and accessories. This way fluids and all kind of reagents can be added to a container without any interference. Liquid handling makes science in gene studies, biology and other related subject much more comfortable.

Available for all fluids and reagents

There are different kinds of liquid handling robots available that can be used for various fluids and reagents. A lot of premade samples can be bought at our store as well. For example we provide reagents that are commonly used in biochemistry and bio molecular research. We also offer PCR kits that can enhance sample studies of various kind. In combination with the liquid handling devices that are available in our webshop one can build the ideal laboratory settings to work in.

Top performance for liquid handlers

The best liquid handling robots are made by different companies specialized in their own way. So to get top performance for liquid handlers use the machines you need. These liquid handlers can be extended with compatible modules and accessories to perform an exact task.

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